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Reference: AWRT97 240X120

Rectangular table top of marbles and hard stones.
The central motif of the board is a parrot perched on the branch of a fruit tree. It has been highlighted with a polygonal frame decorated with simple geometric elements. Around this one a band has been drawn drawing curves and straight areas in the manner of the Renaissance scrolls, and the composition completes a plethora of bouquets with varied flowers and leaves, interspersed with that band.
The technique used, called hard stone work, is very similar to marquetry, but it uses colored marbles and stones of a hardness, usually greater than 7 on the Mohs scale. Lapis lazuli, Belgian black marble as a background, jades, azurite, etc. are common in this type of work, and with these plates a variety of elements such as tables, desks, panels or pedestals were decorated.
Piero de Medici and Lorenzo the Magnificent supported in Florence the recovery, with thematic and technical changes, of the Roman mosaic technique “opus sectile”. It is at this time that the greatest decorative variety was produced, because, from around 1600, it was naturalistic motifs that ended up prevailing, and it is with this evolution that the present example can be compared. Over the years, in addition, birds, parrots, lacerias, pearls, etc. were added. The hard stone work was so successful that, since the 17th century, a series of workshops were created in Europe that continued with this tradition, among which the Gobelin Factory in France, the Royal Workshop of Naples and the El factory stand out. Good Retreat in Madrid.
Only large museums and prominent private collections retain similar examples. Compare the so-called “Scagiola” of the Victoria & Albert Museum in London (W. 6-1933) made in the 18th century, those of the Opificio delle Pietre Dure Museum in Florence, or a board with owls and birds in the Villa di Poggio Imperiale from the same city, or one from the Prado Museum in Madrid by Francesco Ghinghi at the Royal Delle Piedre Dure Laboratory in Naples (catalog number O00511)."

· Size: 240x120 cms.

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