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Reference: JBR0705

18kts gold brooch with enamel and brilliants.
Brooch made in 18 carat gold with thought form. The stem has been left with the color of gold, but in a matte finish, while the petals of the flower show a worked composition combining several techniques: the base provides the color of the flower thanks to a delicate enamel with a predominance of purple tones, drawing waters for greater naturalism; Each of the four petals has been highlighted thanks to a decoration that recalls small stems in metal combining a white tone and a more golden one, and also by means of a series of circular brilliant circles surrounding them, juxtaposed to each other, in a light-colored setting.
The jewelry in the shape of flowers were very common in the nineteenth century, reaching its peak thanks to the current known as Modernism and Art Nouveau. In this style it was very frequent to make pieces with one or more flowers, alone or with leaves and stems, make the petals of the flower with elaborate enamels, and surround it with a series of elements in different metals with an abundance of curved lines, since it is about a style characterized by inspiration in nature, the abundance of curved lines, etc.
Enamel is a technique used in jewelry and other arts in which glass is usually fused on a metal base, giving rise to a bright "coat" of bright colors. It was already known in the ancient Greek and Egyptian civilizations, since then part of the techniques of Phoenicians, Assyrians, Persians, Byzantines, Arabs, Romans, etc. Thanks to the technical innovations brought by the Industrial Revolution, the enamel enjoyed a new boom with a difference in colors and uses with respect to the above, to be able to use new materials in the dyeing of glass, better control the temperature in the foundry, novelties in aesthetic taste, etc.
Weight: 31.69 cm.


· Size: 7,2 x 4 cm.

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