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Reference: JBR1712

18kts gold brooch with chrysoberyls and amethysts.
The present brooch is formed from two circular bands on the sides, flanking another more in the form of an oval with the major axis in vertical arranged on the two sides. The three elements have been enhanced with fine simplified plant elements and a cresting on the outer front, and serve as background to a fine composition of floral and floral elements of classicist memory in bright background combined with plant areas and elements in matte (with a delicately chopped luster). On this background, and to highlight it even more, have been arranged a series of faceted gems of different sizes and sizes: two square (chrysoberyls) at the ends next to oval faceted amethyst paths; in the central zone, a composition has been arranged alternating the same types of stones (highlighted by gold pearls) with the chrysoberyls in pairs and the larger oval amethysts) and fine leaves with a bit of luster.
The aforementioned plant elements located on the base bands are reminiscent of nineteenth century Neoclassicist works. However, both the composition and that base of three elements already mentioned is not usual in the jewelry of this era, nor is the marked chromatic contrast achieved by the gems that the brooch presents nor the fact that it does not follow a rigid symmetry in the arrangement of some of the different decorative plant elements. In addition, there are certain details in the plant elements of the sides that remind slightly of Rococo decorative motifs from the 18th century, although they show a very attenuated movement and depth (practically as it was done when in the 19th century this style was taken as model).
The mentioned elements speak of a remarkable care and quality at the time of designing the jewel as well as the choice of materials and the creation of the piece, something usual in this type of works, highly appreciated both for its economic value and for its beauty, its brightness, and the reflection of the taste and social position of its owner. The shapes of the brooch suggest a feminine use of it.
Weight: 12.47 grams.


· Size: 5,2 x 3,9 cms

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