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Reference: JBR2233

18kts gold brooch with garnets and chrysoberyls.
Brooch with an 18-carat gold ribbon with the ends of it drawing two triangular shapes and located flanking up and down the center. To the front, it has a fine decoration in light relief of plant elements combined with a chopped luster that leaves "matte" certain areas, with oval faceted garnets alternating with smaller carved chrysoberils, adding an outstanding color to the piece.
Although the composition starting from a bow was habitual in the nineteenth century Neoclassicist jewelry, the present example shows some striking variants on this model: the ends of the loop are placed in vertical with respect to the knot of the same, and the "fabric" is made drawing waves with smooth and bright edges that add a force to the composition that does not usually appear in more traditional models; In addition, the chromatic combination of the gems is another detail to take into account; it does not present elements pinjantes nor joined in scrapie to move and soften the firmness of the piece; the closing of the brooch leaves the piece in horizontal position (something also habitual in these elements of the XIX century); and, while the brooch gems do show a clearly geometric arrangement, the loop is not rigidly formed on the basis of it, separating again from these nineteenth-century neoclassical works and approaching slightly other styles (the asymmetry was characteristic of Rococo art). French for a while, and this current was also well known for the movement of his works).
The mentioned elements speak of a remarkable care and quality at the time of designing the jewel as well as the choice of materials and the creation of the piece, something usual in this type of works, highly appreciated both for its economic value and for its beauty, its brightness, and the reflection of the taste and social position of its owner. The lines of the brooch suggest a feminine destiny, and not a jewel for masculine use.
Weight: 22.85 grams.

· Size: 6,8 x 5,3 cms

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