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PEÑA MUÑOZ, Maximino (Salduero, Soria, 1863 – Madrid, 1940). "José de Letamendi and Manjarrés", 1898. Oil on canvas. Signed and dated in the lower left area. Titled in the upper area. For the realization of this work, Maximiliano Peña was based on a photograph taken in 1897, the year of the death of José de Letamendi y de Manjarrés (1828-1897). A famous Catalan doctor, writer, poet and composer of music, Letamendi obtained the degree of Licentiate in 1852, and a year later that of Doctor of Medicine and Surgery in Barcelona. Later he will dedicate himself to teaching, becoming Professor of General Pathology at the Central University. He was also a number academic from 1888 of the Royal National Academy of Medicine. As a child, Maximino Peña moved to Argentina to work with his uncle Felipe Muñoz. There he began his artistic training in the workshop of the painter Blanco Aguirre, who recommended that he enter the San Fernando Academy of Fine Arts in Madrid. After studying at the academy, he continued his apprenticeship in Rome, where he moved in 1885. There he frequented the workshops of, among others, José Benlliure and Joaquín Sorolla. From Rome he sent a work to the National Exhibition of Fine Arts in 1887, which was awarded a third medal. Upon his return to Madrid, he participated in the decoration of the Basilica of San Francisco el Grande, as well as in the activities of the Círculo de Bellas Artes, becoming part of its board of directors. Since then, his recognition has increased, as well as the awards, such as the first medal awarded to him at the National Exhibition of 1912. His production was extensive, and he stood out especially in the pastel technique. Works by Maximino Peña are currently preserved in the Prado Museum and in the Museums of Fine Arts in Zaragoza and Pamplona

· Size: 100 cm de diámetro; 120,5 x 120,5 cm x 7 cms.

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