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Small cornucopia with carved and gilt wood frame, 17th-18th centuries.
Rectangular mirror highlighted by a frame composed of several simple staggered moldings around which a fleshy decoration based on scrolls and plant elements has been arranged, with openwork areas, which ends at the top in a tuft flanked by two curves combined with countercurve paths in a way that reminds of a curved pediment split. The back, which has not been carved, has in its upper part an old metal ring that allows the frame to hang on the wall.
It is necessary to highlight the volume of the carvings, its fleshyness and the not very excessive movement that both the vegetal elements and the volutes present, as well as the rectangular crown of the crowning, which stands out from the rest of the frame without any transition element. All this places the work within the Baroque, but both the harmony and the symmetry and the fact that the decoration does not stand out just from the rectangular frame (except for the auction) show a tempering that may be due to the influence of Neoclassicism. Draws attention to the absence of rockeries and lines that we could attribute to Rococó, a decorative style of great popularity in the decorative arts of the 18th century in the main creative centers, which is explained by the belonging of the mirror to a workshop located in a remote area thereof.
This type of work used to hang on the walls of important homes (or prominent religious institutions) with the aim that the mirrors returned to the interior of the room the light they received, multiplying the lighting and giving the impression of a greater spatial amplitude . The present example, although it is not one of the largest or most prominent cornucopies of the time, it was carried out for a wealthy family with the intention of being in a small private room, hence the concentration of size in a small space and Cornucopia measures."

· Size: 56x41 LUZ 25x20,2 cms.

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