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Julio Moisés Fernández de Villasante spent his childhood and adolescence in Galicia and Cadiz, city in whose School of Fine Arts he began his studies of painting. There it obtained several prizes and received commissions like the one to decorate its Great Theater.
In 1912 he moved to Barcelona and in his first participation in a National Exhibition of Fine Arts he obtained a third medal. He repeated with a second and a first award in the editions of 1915 and 1920. He was also awarded at the International Exhibitions of San Francisco (1915) and Panama (1916). His work would continue to be exhibited throughout his life, as the various individual exhibitions that took him to Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina in the 1930s.
Installed in Madrid since 1920, he taught several years after founding a Free Art Academy in 1923. There students like Salvador Dalí passed by, while he was asked by the Royal House to portray his King D. Alfonso XIII and Queen Victoria Eugenia. The theme of his work was, above all, the painting of gender and the female portrait, a mixture of costumbrismo and folklore in equal parts. This was the "Woman with a bottle in her hand", which she signed in 1945 to illustrate the UEE calendar and with which, following the iconographic tradition of the collection, she contributed her own vision of the ideal canons of feminine beauty. His talent was recognized with the appointment as director of the School of Fine Arts in 1946 and the one of academic of the one of San Fernando of Madrid in 1947.

· Size: Lienzo 85x100 cms.

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