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Reference: Z5503

Cache of the late eighteenth century
Wood, golden bronze and tortoiseshell.
Caqueta made at the end of the 18th century, with a wooden structure composed of a prismatic base and a vaulted lid, articulated by two prolonged hinges to the exterior with openwork and cut motifs, topped with fleurs de lis. The piece is decorated with tortoiseshell plates applied on red wax, framed by clear fillets and by the very structure of dark wood, in vivid contrast. The lines of the piece appear outlined by applied bands of bronze, with trimmed lilies, bands that compartmentalize the surface of the casket following the structural lines, a characteristic characteristic of the classical decorative arts. The piece also has an articulated upper handle, in gilded bronze, composed of curled and interlaced tornapuntas in a symmetrical design. The lock shield, of the same material, has a central bracket flanked by trimmed leathers and tornapuntas with crests of contario, adorned above and below with flecks of lily flowers and vegetal motifs. At the ornamental level, they stand out especially for their importance in the composition of the bronze figures, worked in half mold to mold, applied in the four corners of the chest. They are fantastic figures of Mannerist inspiration, hybrid, with a monstrous face and the lower half of the vegetalized body, similar to that of the hermes of the sixteenth century, which extends forward to form the foot. We also see decorative applications in bronze relief in the center of the sides, again of Mannerist influence
Weight 565 grs."

· Size: 20x12x10 cms.

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