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Reference: Z5827

Exotic size in polychrome wood. "Virgin with Child". First half of the sixteenth century.
The Virgin is standing on a polygonal pedestal, with the Child held with one arm. He raises his arms to his Mother. Both blond and very clear complexion, she also wears a crown or headdress with plant motifs, which also appear on the edges of her mantle.
The iconography of the Virgin with Jesus is already present in the early Christian catacombs, specifically those of Priscilla in Rome, in a third century AD image. C. However, the recognition of Mary as Theotokos ("Mother of God") at the Council of Ephesus of 431 was central to this theme. She focused on the Byzantine Empire, both icons of the Theotokos and those of the Odighitria. ("The one that shows the way"), which appears pointing to Jesus. It was these prototypes that arrived in the West from the Romanesque, but it was necessary to wait for the Gothic so that the relationship between Mother and Son could develop and be realized.
The present devotional carving is the heir of those Gothic "Virgins of Tenderness" that were highly valued throughout Europe and whose representation continued during the Renaissance in some places and at specific moments. A series of elements put the work in relation to examples of northern Europe and France, such as faces and hair. They are the cloths, the corporeality of the image and its correct anatomy, which is left to glimpse, those that place the work within the Renaissance. In Spain the Italian Renaissance influence came with great differences according to regions and artists, and one can speak of a first stage in which a marked Gothicism was maintained, over which some slight influence of this new artistic style can be appreciated."

· Size: 16x20x55 cms.

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