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REYNÉS GURGUÍ, Josep (Barcelona, 1850 - 1926).
"Lady," h. 1850-1926.
Bust in bronze, with wooden pedestal.
Signed and stamped with the foundry Federico Masriera y Cía.

The sculptor Josep Reynés trained at the School of La Lonja, in Barcelona, where he had as teachers the brothers Venanci and Agapit Vallmitjana. He then moved to Paris to expand his studies in the Carpeaux workshop, remaining in the French capital between 1873 and 1876. Upon his return his prestige will be consolidated, with a work characterized by an emphatic and anecdotal virtuosity very typical of the time, marked by a clear influence of his French teacher. Reynés is a sculptor who lived fully the modernist era, although his sculpture is classified within realism, although some slight features of Modernism are manifested within his language, such as his Catalan national feeling, which reflects the reasons for a good part of his work, or the delicate treatment of his figures, of exquisite refinement. As an example, we can observe a fine work that reflects its delicate sensitivity, such as the vase-shaped fountain with children and flowers that dates from its early days as a sculptor (1882) and is located in the Parque de la Ciutadella in Barcelona; Despite belonging to his youth stage, he is considered one of his best sculptures. He took part in official competitions and exhibitions, and in 1890 he was awarded the first medal at the National Exhibition of Fine Arts in Madrid for "The violinist". Within its production, it is worth noting, apart from the aforementioned source of the Ciutadella Park, "The Ascension of Jesus" for the Monumental Rosary of Montserrat (1903) and the relief "Barcelona receives the nations" (1887, Arc de Triomphe, Barcelona), a sculptural frieze built as an entrance to the Universal Exhibition of 1888. He also made notable monuments representing illustrious characters, such as those dedicated to El Greco and Doctor Robert in Sitges, and Roger de LLúria in Barcelona. He also made mausoleums and pantheons, including those of Antoni Serra Ferrer and M. Obert Aldufeu (both of 1902, in Sitges), and also dedicated himself to interior decoration. His brother, Antoni Reynés (Barcelona, 1853-1910) was a painter."

· Size: 80 x 46 x 35 cm (busto); 95 x 48 x 48 cm (peana).

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