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Portuguese game table in mahogany wood. Century XVIII.
Rectangular table when closed with four cabriolet legs topped at the bottom end by claws holding balls. The waist has a drawer with bronze hardware, and has a cut in the lower profile based on slight undulations, and a series of moldings that highlight the different profiles of the same, in addition to the curved shape of this area. The top board follows the lines of these waist moldings, but more projected outwards and, when opened, discovers an upholstered area and circular holes in the corners, accompanied by smaller ones. The opening of the drawer is carried out by means of a hidden lever system at the bottom, it is an opening lock mechanism in its original state.
The furniture of the eighteenth century of Portugal is characterized by presenting a greater English influence than contemporary Spanish examples, by the influence of possessions in the "East" in the materials used in the joinery and by great originality and a prominent recharge in the motives On numerous occasions. In the present case, it is necessary to highlight the apparent lack of decorative elements: note, however, the profusion of moldings, the curves of the smooth areas, the profiling on the entire inner edge of the front of the table with a thin line, the star carved in bas-relief under the drawer, etc. The legs in cabriolet with claw holding ball are of clear English influence. The smooth areas allow to give a certain role to the wood: a magnificent mahogany brought from the Portuguese colonies. During the rule of King Don José, especially from around the middle of the century until the beginning of the last third approximately, the influence of English furniture predominates, especially in northern Portugal, in addition to including certain details and lines from French Louis XV examples.
The table presents details in common (in decoration and in lines) with other important examples preserved: a showcase-bureau-chest of drawers of the National Museum of Ancient Art of Lisbon has more reliefs throughout its surface but supports on ball claws ; several tables of the same institution present similarities in the contour lines with the game table, in which one can speak of a greater influence of English models; a table of the National Museum of Machado de Castro de Coimbra (Portugal); Quinta das Cruzes in the Madeira Islands has some outstanding examples of 18th century Portuguese furniture; etc."

· Size: 101x50.5x86 cms. Abierta 101x101x86 cms.

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