Antiques - Furniture
Reference: Z6109

Portuguese Bureau, 18th century.
Rosewood and rosewood, bronze period ironwork.
On legs decorated with vegetal elements the furniture is placed, with three drawers and hinged lid. The fronts show a slight convex curvature in the central area, in addition to two hardware with handles and a lock shield for each drawer, which show a decoration based on woods of different shades. The hinged lid presents another ironwork l front and a decoration in marquetry floral theme. The interior of the desk has eight drawers flanking a central door.
Despite belonging to the Rococo, the lack of decorative elements in the furniture is notorious. The characteristic movement of this artistic style can be seen in the presence of pebbles on the sides and legs and in the curvature of the front. The Portuguese furniture has a strong English influence, in addition to taking elements of French examples, as can be seen in the present example."

· Size: 140x62x115 cms.

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