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Napoleon III style cradle in mahogany wood, 19th century.
On four legs in the form of S joined and secured with a chambrana, the two supports are raised: one, higher, has grooves in its shaft and an extension to place a canopy; the other does not exceed the height of the crib for easy access. The body of the work presents a magnificent carved decoration based on highly stylized plant elements and shapes reminiscent of wings in the corners; the color note is provided by a band of stars in light wood at the bottom; note the lamas inside.
Typologically, the furniture responds to the basic form of the highest quality cribs, like the one that the City of Paris gave to Napoleon III (today at the Carnavalet Museum in Paris). Stylistically, it belongs to the Second Empire or Napoleon III, called by the first president of the Second French Republic and emperor of the Second French Empire (1808-1873) and characterized by a great stylistic variety. Past styles are chosen, which are reproduced or taken to create free interpretations (with clear preference for Louis XIV, Louis XV, Louis XVI, Gothic and Renaissance). The quality of the pieces is also very varied because, although industrial production is already the norm for the mechanization of the industry, some unique and outstanding pieces will still be made following the techniques of the past for a select clientele.
Its purity of lines reminds in part of the sobriety that was sought in the Louis XVI style; the chosen motifs are characteristic of the period (Neoclassicism), based on models from Roman antiquity, such as the grooved shaft column. The movement in the legs reminds of Baroque furniture.
It is not at all to find cradles in such a good state of preservation as the present piece: only outstanding collections and important museums preserve comparable specimens in quality. Let's mention, for example, the Victoria & Albert in London, the National Museum of Romanticism (Madrid) or the National Museum of Decorative Arts in Madrid."

· Size: 129x54x170 cms.

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