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Interior scene, 1895. Oil on canvas signed and dated. Painted by Carlos Vázquez Úbeda (Ciudad Real, 1869 - Barcelona, \u200b\u200b1944).
The scene shows a very simple interior, whitewashed and decorated with a few wooden furniture and some pictures on the wall with a small pile of ceramic holy water, in addition to a small window with the frame painted in green and some bars, which is open, but without showing the street. An old woman, seated, goes to raise her hand towards a girl, whose head is covered by a white toque, wears a coat of the same color on the dress and a scapular of the Virgin around her neck, besides holding a candle lit high together with a small bouquet of flowers and a handkerchief. A woman in a regional costume appears looking at the girl, with a gesture of very striking tenderness. The costumes of the three, despite being regional outfits, do not show the richness and color that is usually associated with them because they are very humble characters, a detail emphasized by the pot with wild flowers located in the lower corner, in the first place. The absence of male characters gives the composition an intimacy accentuated by the gestures that are dedicated to the three and the fact that no one, not even the little dog tied to the frail chair type of the old woman, look directly at the viewer, who almost He has the impression of interrupting this moment.
This costumbrista scene belongs to the most valued and appreciated by the critic of all the work of the painter. Although it is true that he can remember interiors such as those of Johannes Vermeer (around 1632 - 1675) by indirect lighting diagonally, his ideas are more linked to the art of the late nineteenth century. The brushstroke presents some movement, with a certain predominance of the drawing but without total subjugation of color to that. We could title the scene as "First Communion", because of the girl's dresses, and she would appear together with her mother and grandmother, or, in any case, a regional or local celebration of importance in which religion would play a leading role, like a procession or a May Cross.
Carlos Vázquez Úbeda studied with Joaquín Herrer and Rodríguez in Ciudad Real, whose Provincial Council awarded him a scholarship to study at the Special School of Painting, Sculpture and Engraving in Madrid, where he was a student of Carlos de Haes (whose style reminds this teacher in some occasions), and then to travel through Italy and France, where he was a disciple of Léon Bonnat. His work obtained numerous recognitions, among which it is necessary to highlight his medals in the National Exhibition of Fine Arts (third in the 1892, second in 1899 and 1901, first in 1910), his honorable mention in the Paris Salon in 1890 , besides the medals in 1904 and 1907, or the first in the International of Barcelona (1899), another of silver in the Universal of Paris of 1910 and another more in the one of Buenos Aires five years later, etc. In addition, he collaborated in the magazines Blanco y Negro, Hojas selectas, La Ilustración Artística and Hispania de Literatura y Arte. This painter, illustrator and poster was a member of the Academy of San Fernando in Madrid, knight of the Legion of Honor, honorary member of the Hispanic Society of America, etc. He was, and is, very appreciated for his landscapes and his genre paintings, and in his style, in addition to the already mentioned influence of his master, we can appreciate that of Joaquín Sorolla y Bastida (Valencia, 1863 - Cercedilla, 1923). They conserve his important private collections, as well as institutions such as the Prado Museum in Madrid, the Art of Catalonia, the Provincial of Zaragoza, the Ciudad Real, etc. It is necessary to add that he also dedicated himself to the genre of the portrait (to distinguish, among all, that of Alfonso XIII, today in a private collection), he made numerous still lifes ..."

· Size: 196x250 cms.

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