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Pair of Solomonic columns. Carved, polychrome and gilded wood. XVII century. Pair of carved and gilded wooden columns with a pedestal in green tones, decorated with smooth moldings, Solomonic shaft decorated with roses and polychrome leaves on the golden background and in slight relief and capitals similar to those of the composite order of Ancient Rome (note the difference in proportions, in the volutes, etc.). Although it was an element used in architecture previously, the Solomonic column is a more well-known and common piece in the Baroque, especially since its use in Bernini's baldachin of Saint Peter's in the Vatican (completed in 1633). It soon arrived in Spain, being used in Andalusia for the first time around 1639 and in Madrid in 1636, spreading throughout the peninsula and the colonial territories since then. Normally, they were decorated with branches and bunches of grapes in slight relief, leaving, as a general rule, the decoration of flowers for environments of female convents.

· Size: 33x33x215 cms

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