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Reference: Z6749

Sculpture "San Blas". Carved wood, polychrome and gold. Castilian school, 14th century.
The figure is standing, facing forward with large and expressive eyes, a slight smile on his face, blessing with his right hand held high and holding an element in his left hand (probably, a bishop's staff). It is presented dressed with dawn and chasuble, garment decorated with golden stripes resembling embroidered in gold and under which the stole seems to appear; The bishop's miter over the head also presents a series of decorations in light relief resembling cabochons and gold stripes.
Although it is not accompanied by many iconographic attributes, it is possible to relate this stature with San Blas, doctor and bishop of Sebaste (Armenia) executed at the beginning of the 4th century and known for his miraculous healing gift, which applied to people and animals. Normally, he is represented accompanied by a pig, with two interwoven candles (his party is celebrated after the Candlemas), a horn, a carving rake (he was tortured with this element) and bishop's clothing. Its history and veneration were very popular from the High Middle Ages, first in the East and then also by the Western Christian world.
The expression of the saint and the expressiveness of the same place the size within the Gothic, already preoccupied with showing a certain movement and something of closeness in the figures, introducing the feeling in the faces. The bends are now less geometric than in the Romanesque, looking for some anatomy but still without showing it or letting it glimpse as it will when the Renaissance influence comes. The use of gold in decoration is also common in the Castilian school of the time, and will continue for quite some time. Characteristics are also the rigidity of the figure, which moves away from those examples more related to France, and the lack of delicacy in the folded, which do present works of flamenco school.
These types of carvings are kept in certain churches and in certain private collections. Also, some museums have managed to collect works similar to this Saint: Lázaro Galdiano Museum in Madrid, Museum of Art N. of Catalonia in Barcelona, \u200b\u200bthe Museum of Navarre in Pamplona, \u200b\u200bthe Archaeological Museum of Madrid, etc."

· Size: 30x16x106 cms.

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