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Napoleon III gilded bronze watch. France, towards the second half of the 19th century.
The table clock has a base decorated with animal claws and lion heads, as well as forms that resemble drapery hangings. Above it stands the clock, with volute legs topped by feminine busts with wings framing a face with plant elements, the three in bronze in brown. The circular dial, in gilt bronze, is decorated with fine reliefs, and the numbering is presented in small white plates with Roman numerals. The clock is topped with a vase on Doric capital decorated with garlands and vegetal elements in relief.
The set completes two four-branched candelabra. Bases and feet match those of the watch in all its elements and in the chromatic combination. The foot is decorated with garlands and scrolls, as well as plant elements and animal heads on the arms, accompanied by more rectilinear lines reminiscent of Greek rather than Roman models. The arms of the lights are directed to the sides, and the central one is topped by a vase with flames in the upper part, combining with two others towards the sides to give symmetry to the composition.
The style Napoleon III, also called Second Empire, is a style that was born in France under the reign of Emperor Napoleon III (Paris, 1808 - London, 1873, emperor 1852-1870). In general, it is characterized by a clear influence of the Greek and Roman Antiquity models, but always maintaining a high degree of sumptuousness in all works (elaborate and abundant embossed ornamentation, drapery ...), although there was also a certain eclecticism to inspire the arts also in other styles (Italian and French Renaissance, Neoclassicism ...). The present example is a good example of the Napoleon III style in its classicist version, with rich additions (curtains, masks, chromatic combinations)."

· Size: 42x37x83 cms.

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