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Reference: Z6788

"Holy Family with Saint John and Saint Lucia". Oil on copper Environment of CARRACCI, Annibale (Bologna, 1560 - Rome, 1609).
The painting has a polygonal outer profile through the frame. In the center of the copper is the figure of Mary, dressed in a pink robe and a blue cloak, holding in her hand a white dove. On his knees is Jesus, and, next to him, San Juanito, dressed in red, with a little bird in his hand, and being welcomed by her by including him in his embrace. On the left, a young woman in profile with a palm in her hand, is identified by the attribute of the eyes on the tray (Saint Lucia); on the right, a bearded man of a certain age, who would be San José, has two visible poets in front, with carved plant elements of clear classicist inspiration.
The figures, of great size with respect to the composition, the interaction between them, the diagonals that mark the figures, etc. These are details that place the work inside the Baroque and as belonging to the so-called “classicist school of Bologna”, which rivaled Rome and Florence. Its main representatives were the Carracci: Ludovico and his two cousins, Agostino and Annibale, especially.
It is possible to find a certain resemblance between the work and engraving of Agostino Carracci with the Sagrada Familia, San Juanito and Santa Catalina de Alejandría (preserved in the Albertina of Vienna) and dated in 1576. The embrace gesture of Mary can also be seen in Bartolomeo Cesi's drawing of the Sagrada Familia with San Juanito from 1590 (J. Paul Getty Museum). The composition is slightly reminiscent of that of a painting by Sebastiano Ricci, made around 1710, which shows the Sagrada Familia with San Juanito, something that shows the expansion of the characteristics of this school. However, among all the members of the school, with whom it might be most similar it would be with the work of Annibale Carracci or, more specifically, of her circle. Annibale had a large number of attendees and students, many of whom would become frontline artists after their death (Domenichino, Giovanni Lanfranco, Francesco Albani, Guido Reni, Sisto Baldalocchio, etc.), to which we should add the large number of artists who admired him, and others who were inspired by his work."

· Size: 31x31 cms int 18x18 cms.

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