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Reference: Z6789

Pair of ivory sculptures. XVII century.
Both figures stand upright on darker bases. The female is dressed in a long-sleeved tunic, peeking the sleeves of a shirt with delicate folds, and a mantle over her shoulders that falls to the feet and covers the figure from the front. The masculine, old and bearded, also presents a cloth covering his waist up to the feet, and sleeves rolled up.

His identity is somewhat difficult to find out from the lack of iconographic attributes, but his features and position suggest that perhaps they are two of the three figures who would have formed a Holy Family, missing the Child Jesus in this case and in the case of Mary and St. Joseph. Or it is also likely to be San Joaquin and Santa Ana, missing in this case the figure of the Virgin Mary as a child.
The great quality of the sculptures is appreciated both in the material used and in the carving, of great delicacy in the folds and with a certain pictoricism in the hair. Stylistically, their membership in the Baroque is clear despite the classicist influence they present, customary in certain currents of this style throughout Europe. Between 1600 and the mid-eighteenth century commercial routes were recovered to the African coasts that allowed the access to ivory of many European centers, coinciding with the development of the Baroque, especially in the area of \u200b\u200bthe Netherlands and Central Europe, with a prominent center Around the papal court of Rome and without forgetting the Hindo-Portuguese school. The theme varies, although there are more religious works of small size, much appreciated by the upper class and important religious centers. As the seventeenth century advanced, the Italian classicist influence spread through Germany, Austria and the rest of Central European centers, agreeing to some case with another more traditional current."

· Size: 9x9x22 cms.

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