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Lira leg table. Walnut wood and wrought iron. Spain, Castilla, 17th century.
Carved walnut wood table with rectangular and smooth top board and prominent legs carved in the shape known as "de lira" due to its similarity to the instrument, leaving the profiles curved and adding small smooth moldings (which provide greater movement in this element of the furniture). These are joined and secured by two forged iron fasteners, tubular with small flares in various areas (on the sides of the disc they present), topped by a small leaf curved on itself towards the legs and a flourish finished roll just below table.
The upper part, really simple and with clean lines, shows clearly that it is a piece of furniture created for purely utilitarian purposes. However, its size and certain details place it in a house of acquisitive level: this led to it being always seen in one place, but dressed with a quality fabric and with a series of important pieces on top of ceramics, silverware, glass , etc. which were especially appreciated by the owner. For this reason, it is the lower part that does have some more work with the legs of the lyre with its animated profiles by means of curves and countercurves and small moldings, elements that, by their movement, place the work inside the Baroque. These sinuous shapes are also seen in the fasteners, tubular shaped baluster towards the center and highlighted by discs.
The walnut wood was the most often used in the furniture of the time in Spain, and this origin responds also its forms. Although its presence in houses of a certain level was frequent, so many examples have not been preserved because of the changes in taste and habits and customs over the centuries. Stand out, for example, the Hall of the Signatures of the Palace of Viana de Córdoba, the dining room of the Lope de Vega House Museum in Madrid, one in the National Museum of Decorative Arts of Madrid (inventory CE 27479), another in the Patio Elcano of the building called of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Madrid (Plaza de Santa Cruz)."

· Size: 98x199x75 cms.

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