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Reference: ZAAWD15 D90

Circular tabletop in marbles and hard stones. Inspired by Italian models of the XVI-XVII centuries.

A prominent circle with a thin smooth white frame has been placed in the center of the board, from which a series of bands depart. These mark the starting points of another series of bands that draw a star, intersecting each other in a complicated geometric motif. Outside, a simple band based on black and white triangles focuses attention on this spiral.
The technique known as "hard stone work" is a inlay that uses marbles of different colors and veins and stones of a hardness of 6 or more on the Mohs scale. He was born in Florence, in the environment of Piero de Medici and Lorenzo the Magnificent, who wanted to revitalize a technique of Roman mosaic called "opus sectile". After 1600 it is clear the primacy of the decoration that appeared in the fifteenth century. In the seventeenth century France was the first court to show a clear interest in the technique of hard stone establishing local production centers (Factory of Gobelins) and, while in Italy, before the disappearance of the Medici, Naples took over ( Real Workshop). Carlos III came to Spain with several teachers with the intention of organizing another workshop in this country, and were installed in the Buen Retiro Palace with the porcelain factory, starting a work that had the support of quality local specialists but was closed with Napoleon in 1808 and destroyed in 1812. Stylistically, the plant elements predominated, sometimes animated with small birds, pearls, scallops, butterflies, etc., always showing influences from both the Renaissance and the Baroque and Neoclassicism.
Stylistically, however, one can not speak of the influence of this tradition in the present example because the geometric motifs used between the sixteenth and eighteenth centuries were much simpler than it is, which makes it a high-quality work that follows more contemporary aesthetic tastes."

· Size: Diam. 90 cms.

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