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Polychrome wood sculpture possibly Saint Fiacre. Century XVI. Polychrome wood carving of a bearded saint standing on a simple pedestal. They are shown staring straight ahead, placing one hand on their chest and with a basket in this arm, the left one. In his right hand he holds a stick (or perhaps a shovel, since the lower end of the utensil has been lost). The habits he wears are reminiscent of those worn by Saint Anthony the Abbot in some of the works in which this monk, founder of the eremitic movement, is shown. Saint Fiacre, a monk of Irish origin also called Saint Fiacre, lived as a hermit, healing with herbs and was already considered a saint in his country of origin. Seeking greater retirement, he went to France, where he ran an oratory, a hospice, and a cell in which he himself lived in solitude, mortifying himself, fasting, and working in the garden. In addition to being the patron saint of gardeners, he is invoked for the cure of venereal diseases and the so-called “figs of San Fiacro.” His cult is rooted in Ireland and France, but also in Belgium, Spain and the United Kingdom, for example. He is represented with a shovel and a book or a basket. Physically, sometimes he appears as a young man, and other times older, with a beard, slightly reminiscent of Saint Anthony the Abbot, as is the present case. The lack of carving on the back of the present sculpture shows that it would have been created to be placed on an altar. Likewise, it is necessary to highlight the expressiveness of the figure, centered on the face with prominent eyes, and a slight movement in the folds of the habit. Compare, for example, the alabaster figure of the saint preserved in the Metropolitan Museum in New York, made in England or France in the mid-15th century (inv. 25.120.227); or the alabaster one from the Victoria & Albert Museum in London from the 15th century and of English origin (inv. A. 135-1946); or that of the French Church of Saint-Prix.

· Size: 32x18x77 cms.

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