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Virgin with Child. Polychrome wood. Spain, towards the end of the 15th century.
Carving made of polychrome wood of the Virgin Mary dressed in a red tunic and with a white mantle covering her hair, shoulders and knees, sitting on a backless throne with simple architectural elements on the sides, and with the Child Jesus also sitting on his knees, with a globe in the left hand and blessing with the right hand. On the back, at the base of the throne, a legend appears with some losses over the years: "De do? Renonbres, Madam / did a religiosso write / that of Monsarrate, aurora / as a child I take him out / to be my entercesora "February 2, 1688
The composition of the carving follows a habitual norm in the Spanish sculpture already present in works of century XIII, as it is possible to be appreciated comparing the work with a sculpture dated towards 1200 of the National Museum of art of Catalonia, and that continues being popular in the century XV (compare the carving of Santa Ana, the Virgin and Child of the fifteenth century of the Diocesan and Cathedral Museum of Valladolid). However, it should be noted that it is also a popular scheme in the rest of Europe.
Taking into account the inscription on the back (which, given the date, it is a later addition), it is necessary to indicate that, although the best known Virgin of Montserrat "La Moreneta" is the patron saint of Catalonia venerated in the Monastery of Monsterrat , is not the only one of the Spanish and South American geography. Compare size with the Virgin of Monserrate de Orihuela (the original image disappeared in the Civil War, but after the conflict José María Sánchez Lozano was commissioned to make a new carving, crowned in 1959), whose name was changed with respect to that of the image Catalan by order of Pope Sixtus IV in 1483. The present sculpture also recalls numerous painted images: "Our Lady of Monserrate" of the 18th-century Santafereña school (Art Collection of the Bank of the Republic of Bogotá, Colombia, inv. AP5203) , "Virgen de Monserrate" by Manuel García of the 17th century (Teodoro Vidal Collection, Museum of Art of Puerto Rico), painting of the main altar of the Minor Basilica of Our Lady of the Monserrate of Puerto Rico, etc."

· Size: 44x22x80 cms.

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