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Processional cross Silver. Towards the middle of the 17th century.
Processional cross made of silver in its color, of Latin typology. Arms topped in shapes that recall the traditional trilóbbles in these pieces of Gothic era, finished in silver pearls (finish that also appears in the center of the piece), with a similar shape at the beginning of the arms but smaller. It has a series of small elements slightly remembering a crest, and has been decorated with architectural elements, avenerados motifs and oval and rectangular mirrors engraved with very delicate scrolls and curves. In the center a medallion is shown on each side of the cross: a saint carrying a book and a bouquet, on a natural landscape with a tree and a building in the background (surely Santo Domingo de Guzmán, for the Macoya shield); Virgin with Child sitting, surrounded by a beam of rays. The macoya presents an architectural structure (cylindrical body topped in semi-sphere with moldings, on another relatively complex shape in its lines) and a decoration of smooth pieces in relief with engraved elements similar to those of the cross; Two heraldic shields stand out in this area (on the same side as the saint's medallion, the shield of the Dominican order is surmounted by a crown; on the side of Mary, Castile's shield under a similar crown). The cross ends in a corrugated tubular piece.
Stylistically, this piece recalls outstanding examples such as the processional cross of Andrés de Campos Guevara dated in 1630 (Museum of the Ways of Astorga, León) in certain details such as composition and general proportions and certain decorative elements; or the processional cross of Aldealseñor (Soria); or the one known as the 17th-century Santa Fe Processional Cross of the Cathedral of Granada; or the one dated in 1626 and which, like this one, follows the usual typology of the first half of the 17th century in general, of the Church of San Martín de Alauza (Navarra). Compare also, to appreciate the differences, with the processional cross of the last third of the seventeenth century of the convent of Madres Clarisas de Villacastín."

· Size: 16x40x95 cms.

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