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Reference: ZE173

San Juanito on base of the 17th century. Ivory, wood.
It has a CITES certificate.
Dress size of male child figure made in ivory in its color, following 17th century models that has been arranged on an elaborate carved, gilded and polychrome wooden base of the 17th century. This piece presents an elaborate and moving decoration based on moldings, scrolls, architectural elements, diamonds, etc. of clear classicist memory under the cushion on which the sculpture rests.
The sculpture is standing, taking a step and twisting one of its feet, with a very slight counterpoint. While his left arm is down, with his hand open as if holding something, he raises his right in a gesture of blessing, keeping his eyes straight ahead but with a slight bow in his head. Before continuing, it is necessary to remember the iconographic similarity between the sculptures of the Children Jesus and the San Juanitos in the Spanish baroque art that occurs on some occasions, especially in certain clothing works and when there are no iconographic attributes. Compare, also noticing the differences, the present work with masterpieces such as the Child Jesus of Juan Martínez Montañés of the Sacramental Church of the Tabernacle of Seville (dated between 1606 and 1607) or the Child Jesus Blessing of Juan de Mesa that is in the Museum of Fine Arts of Córdoba, among others."

· Size: 40x32x88 cms. altura niño 63 cms

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