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Reference: ZE185

Pair of cruets. GOLD PLATED SILVER. Contrast of Pamplona, \u200b\u200bXVIII century.
With contrast and chisel marks.
Pair of jars with lid and handle made in silver gilt. A circular base (decorated with moldings and lines parallel to each other) gives way to a smooth foot, from which arises the body of the piece (circular in its lower area and tubular in the upper), which has a curved profile (which repeat the lid) and an inverted "C" shaped handle (with a curve in the opposite direction with volutes on the top and another, also in the opposite direction and with similar decoration as a bottom finish); the lid has a finishing knob with vegetal forms. On the outside, the two pieces present a decoration based on plant motifs, scrolls, rockery, acanthus, etc., combining striped finishes with areas and smooth elements.
In the eighteenth-century Spanish silverware, it is the Court of Madrid that sets the tone: although Baroque, Rococo and Neoclassical trends coexist, the first one soon departs (it introduces the second before 1740 or towards this date) and Neoclassicism towards 1770 (imposing gradually from 1780), extending with time to the rest of the peninsular territory. The lines of the vinajeras remind in some details to jugs of French influence (introduced with the arrival of Felipe V), while the decoration is clearly Rococo. Compare pieces preserved in the Museum of Pamplona, \u200b\u200ba couple of vinajeras with salvilla of the eighteenth century of the Church of San Miguel de Leiza (Pamplona, \u200b\u200bNavarra), etc. Weight: 453 gr."

· Size: 9x7x13 cms

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