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Reference: ZE196

Palillero; "Carriage". Silver in its color. XIX century.
Silver plaque in the shape of a trolley with four wheels (the two front ones with a smaller radius) and open back with the lower part worked like textile hangings. On a pedestal located in the vehicle stands a childish figure, who holds the reins of the animals and a stick raised. The horses (two) only have the front half of their bodies (for a greater harmony of the set). The chopsticks are placed in several holes in the car.
This type of work, clearly inspired by the classical world, was very frequent in the arts of the 19th century. The carriage does not look too much like the Roman beams that can be seen in mosaics, ceramics, etc., but it is something more like scenes of "Triumph" like the fresco of the "Triumph of Bacchus and Ariadne" by Annibale Carracci del Palacio Farnese of Rome (1597-1600) or floats more elaborate and showy than utilitarian, more usual. Weight: 145 gr."

· Size: 11x5x8 cms

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