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"Allegory of Winter". Bronze. Étienne Alexandre (France, -1892). France, 19th century.
A circular base of clear lines slightly elevates the figures. The lady is standing, with her hair pulled back in a bun from which they leave tufts, moved by the wind. This air also shakes the cloths of the cloak with which the young woman covers herself, alluding to a cold wind with her gesture. The child that appears at his feet also appears covered with a cloth, and his hair also presents movement.
This position and the fact of being warm show clearly that we are faced with an allegory of winter, made in the manner of Neoclassicism of the nineteenth century. Thus, although there is a clear movement in the cloths, this is attenuated so as not to create excessive diagonals in the figure, and the gestures and postures show the decorum and the usual finesse in the French works of this style.
Étienne Alexandre Stella was a French sculptor who does not have, confirmed, many data. He is known to be active between 1850 and 1892, the year he died. Of all his production (mainly bronze figures of small size and Neoclassical influence, in addition to a group of comic theater characters and a figure of "Merchant with slave"), his allegories of the four seasons, composed by a female figure accompanied some for a child, showing different postures and with different objects related to the time that each one represents.
This type of bronze figures of small size were very common in France in the nineteenth century, displaying a wide variety of themes, and being created by a large number of front-line artists (some specialized in this format, others not) . They were very appreciated for their lines and the quality that can be seen in both their design and their execution, hence they were exported in large numbers and the same models were "repeated" later (with variations or without them)."

· Size: 29x29x98 cms

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