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Reference: ZF0047

Arqueta for the saints silver oils. XVII century.
The silver box has elaborate legs, fixed in the corners of the same, which are a combination of volutes in C, plant elements and a lower end reminiscent of a claw. The rectangular body has a decoration embossed in light relief based on ribbons in ce (or "of tornapuntas in C", as they are also known) faced around a diamond (two pairs on the fronts and one on the sides), it is framed by stepped moldings straight down and not staggered and thinner above. The lid, slightly curved, appears decorated with the same composition of the fronts repeated four times and symmetrically, and has a top knob with two adjacent C volutes and topped by a pearl, and a chain that hangs from an edge and It serves to ensure the closure of the piece. Inside, it has a silver plate with two circular holes, and the legend "OL * M" (possibly the contrast mark of the piece) is engraved on it.
The decoration of the whole work is of clear classicist influence, recalling in certain details Renaissance works. Take a look, for example, with the first-quarter seventeenth-century Castilian foot of the Lázaro Galdiano Museum in Madrid to appreciate a similar composition (note also the differences), which would remain for a long time in the Spanish silver and is already in before the Baroque (as evidenced by the censer of the sixteenth century preserved in the Diocesan Museum of Sacred Art of Álava).
As for its function, this small chest was made, surely, intended to contain the Holy Oils, a function for which both a noble material (silver) and decoration is required according to the importance given to its content. Weight: 470 grams."

· Size: 13x9x9 cms.

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