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Reference: ZF0162

Mirror. Wood and stucco overgrown, glass. XIX century.
Large mirror made of rectangular-shaped wood and stucco that has a border, inside, with two conopial shapes contrasted above and below and soft curves on the major sides, enhanced with a band of ovals flanked by two smooth areas. This simplicity contrasts with the richness and detail of the outer zone: following a symmetrical arrangement and having a central axis highlighted (with a mask below and, above all, the tuft above with two children's figures flanking a crowned heraldic shield), they have been arranged a large number of plant elements: flowers (roses abound), oak leaves, palms, laurel sprigs, scrolls, etc. In the upper part, already mentioned, two naked children's figures are sitting in the vegetal elements located there, holding a branch with one hand and supporting the other in the polychrome and golden heraldic shield of the center, which has been enhanced with scrolls, plant elements and a ducal crown.
It is necessary to highlight both the high quality of the decoration (combining openwork areas with others in relief) and the heraldic shield (two areas at the bottom - one upper and one lower, divided in turn - and a shield with four barracks in the center) , which makes it difficult to find similar pieces, including museums and leading institutions. Similar works can be found in The Museum of Fine Arts in Houston, the Museum of Romanticism in Madrid, the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, the Louvre in Paris, etc., as well as in palatial residences of ancient noble families in Europe."

· Size: 190x25x290 cms.

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