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Reference: ZF0191

Reliquary pendant. Gold, pearl and miniature. Century XVIII.
Oval devotional pendant with a miniature in delicate colors showing an Immaculate woman dressed in a red tunic and blue mantle, over the crescent moon room, and located on a celestial landscape with clouds, horizon line and two elements on the sides to complete the composition . The jewel has a gold border, with a smooth band and a very elaborate exterior that combines the same material with small pearls of different sizes, forming elements similar to flowers. One of the larger sides of the oval has a ring in gold to be able to wear it from the neck located on the back of the piece, an area where you can also see a red textile that protects the miniature.
The Immaculate dogma defends that the Virgin was conceived without Original Sin, and was defined and accepted by the Vatican in the Bull Ineffabilis Deus, of December 8, 1854. However, Spain and all the kingdoms under its political dominion defended before this belief. Iconographically, the representation takes texts both from the Apocalypse (12: "A great sign appeared in heaven, a woman wrapped in the sun, with the moon under her feet, and on her head a crown of twelve stars") as well as Litanies Lauretanas prayed after the rosary and containing epithets of Mary taken from the Song of Songs of King David. Uniting both texts and after an evolution that already begins at the end of the Gothic period, we arrive at a very simple and recognizable typology that presents the Virgin on the moon room, with the stars on her head and dressed in light (with a halo in the head only or in the whole body), normally dressed in white and blue in allusion to purity and eternity (although it may also appear red and blue, in relation then with the Passion), hands on his chest almost always and represented young as a rule."

· Size: 4,5x5 cms.

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