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Reference: ZF0193

Reliquary pendant. Gold, drawing, glass. Possibly, eighteenth century
Oval devotional pendant with gold box decorated with half concave mirrors on the front, a piece on the top with a flower on each side and a ring to be worn around the neck, and vegetal elements in slight relief on the side. It contains, protected by transparent glass, a black drawing with the face of Christ, with the Crown of Thorns, made on canvas.
The drawing on canvas that it contains shows an Ecce Homo, passionate iconography very frequent since the Baroque. The tradition of the episode that it represents comes from the Gospel of Saint John, after Jesus appeared before Pilate and when he took Christ out to the crowd ("Here is Man", "Ecce Homo"). In this work only the Crown of Thorns is appreciated for showing only the face. The theme remains fashionable in the eighteenth century and later, in a large number of variants.
This type of jewelry always had a great value both for the materials in which they were made and for their religious content. Despite this (or perhaps because of this appreciation) not too many examples of quality and good conservation are preserved, being possible to find them only in important private collections and in prominent museums such as the Valencia Foundation of Don Juan in Madrid, the Museum National Decorative Arts of the same city, etc., or old religious centers such as the Convent of the Royal Descalzas de Madrid."

· Size: 3x4,5 cms.

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