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"Sacred Family". Relief in bronze. Francesco Marti, 16th century.
Bronze tondo with relief of the Holy Family in the center, framed by simple moldings (which flank a religious legend, "Puer Natus Est Nobis", extracted from a Gregorian chant and Christmas mass) and with a work of elements Vegetables on top, of classicist influence. The scene shows Saint Joseph on the left, young man, and Mary with Jesus sitting on her lap.
Francesco Marti (active 1489-1516) was a Renaissance artist, active in the Lucca area of whom they conserve different works in metals (mainly bronze) outstanding private collections and museums such as the Metropolitan Museum of New York or the National Gallery of Art of Washington DC (United States). The present example is very similar to the overdosed bronze medallion dated around 1510 and preserved in The Walters Art Museum, including the text of the frame (inventory 54.1064), which has a ring at the top to be hung on the wall in a Private oratory, surely. The Bode-Museum in Berlin has another medallion of these characteristics (the part of the upper part varies slightly), thus showing the popularity of Marti's work and a customary custom at the time such as making several foundries.
The symmetrical composition and harmonious arrangement of the cloths of the figures are elements that place the work within the High Renaissance. Iconographically, the figures also correspond to the usual at the time (note, for example, the greater relationship of San José with the Child, which was not seen in previous medieval examples)
Weight: 408 gr. ."

· Size: 12x13,5 cms.

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