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Writing with clock. With contrast marks. France, 19th century
Scribe enhanced by a slightly elevated base through pieces decorated with stems and scrolls with motifs that show Rococo influence. The front of this lower area, gently curved on the fronts and the sides, shows human masks and mirrors with plant motifs, as well as a few shapes in the central part, raised to highlight the clock. This one has a white dial with Roman numerals and for the hours and lines for the minutes, and it is shown enhanced with a band of pearls in front and a winged mask in relief on the back, in addition to a vase finish that is based on the bell, topped by a half-naked lady who holds a tambourine on something. The inkwell and the sandbox, located on the sides of the base, have a vase shape similar to that of the bell, but less decorated (engravings of scallops, bands, plain shields ...), and their covers are topped by two figures human (a lady holding a bird of prey high, and a gentleman, dressed "in the manner of the Renaissance").
Both the decoration of the piece, of great quality and detail, as the curves and countercurves it presents, are a good example of the influence of several artistic styles of different centuries, something common in nineteenth-century silverware throughout Europe. The bell figure reminds of classical Greek sculptures of Venus whose influence is common in neoclassicist art, smooth mirrors and bands that enhance them can be seen in Renaissance examples, the movement that provides curves and countercurves and the shapes they remember to rockery can be related to Rococo.
The decorative details of the piece and its compositional lines are reminiscent of a copy preserved in a private French collection, from the Napoleon III era and made by Emile Hugo, a French silversmith active in Paris in the second half of the 19th century
Weight: 2975 gr"

· Size: 39x27x43 cms.

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