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Scallop. Silver in its color. Diego Rodríguez de Lezana or Lizana and Bartolomé González. Toledo, Spain, ca. mid eighteenth century.
With contrast marks.
Silver venera in its color with bright interior and exterior worked with fine lines to tinge the finish and approximate the piece to the look of a natural shell. The piece ends in a smooth and curved straight molding, from which a stamped composition of stems, scrolls and leaves arranged symmetrically and closely following European Neoclassical models.
Although it is clear the material and decorative value of the piece, it is necessary to indicate that with this same form numerous shells were made to be used in baptism (thus relating the ceremony directly to the Baptism of Christ in the Jordan) for many centuries, reaching the custom until today. Thus, pieces in the shape of scallops are preserved in religious institutions (Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela, silver venera of the 18th century, Museo Amparo de Puebla, Mexico, Museum of the Cathedral of Valencia, Renaissance piece in the Cathedral of Albarracín, etc. .), as in palaces and museums (Museo Cerralbo, Museo Lázaro Galdiano, etc.).
The piece presents a series of contrast marks: one allusive to Diego Rodríguez de Lezana or Lizana, another allusive to the city of Toledo, and a third belonging, apparently, to Bartolomé González. Works are preserved under the brand name of Diego Rodríguez de Lizana in the Monastery of Santa Fe de Toledo (nimbus of rays in silver, dated between 1730 and 1751), in the Cathedral of Lérida and in several private collections. This teacher was born in Bargas (Toledo), and learned his trade with the silversmith teacher Juan de Jarauta Toledo. It is known that he entered the Brotherhood of San Eloy in 1699, where he held stewardship eight years later, acted as approver of the guild in the city between 1715 and 1718 and served as a contrast between 1730 and 1751. Weight: 191 grams."

· Size: 17x13x3,5 cms.

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