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Reference: ZF0360

Christ crucified. Gold copper, enamel, jet black eyes. Limoges, France, 13th century.
On a wooden and textile support it has been placed to enhance it a Crucified Christ of golden copper, crowned, with the inclined face and the jet black eyes, with long purity cloth and decorated with enamels in shades of blue and white, with two nails (one in each hand) and a support for the feet. The figure draws a smooth curve that adds some movement, maintaining a very schematized anatomy, as well as the expression of the face.
Compare this piece with others preserved in outstanding institutions: the date of 1220-1230 of the Louvre Museum in Paris (OA 11935), the one of the XIII century with jet-black eyes of the Cathedral of Besançon (France), several of the Galleria Farnese (Museo di Capodimonte) of Italy, another of the thirteenth century of the Metropolitan Museum of New York (25,120,441), pieces of the British Museum of London, etc. Although normally these Crucifixes were in a composition with more figures or in some piece (processional cross, casket, etc.), it is more common that only the figure is conserved.
They are known as Limoges enamels to a series of metal pieces (copper, silver, gold) of religious theme decorated with the technique of champlevé enamel using a series of colors (blue, green, white ...), inherited or inspired by the works of the Monastery of Silos (Spain), and with a great height in all Europe in the XII and XIII centuries. The production had already declined for 1370, when the sacking of Limoges by the English took place. However, towards the end of the 15th century it emerged again, but with the technique of "painted enamel" and clearly Renaissance models.
In the present example highlights its state of conservation and dimensions.

· Size: Cristo: 17x23 cms.

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