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Crucified in Cruz. Copper and enamel, jet. Limoges, France, XII-XIII centuries.
Latin cross with circular widening in the area where the two crossbars that form it are joined, decorated with geometrical and vegetal elements simplified in enamel, in which a figure of Christ has been fixed with four nails (usual iconography in the Middle Ages) crucified, dressed in purity cloth at the knees, eyes open in jet, anatomy marked and geometrized and remains of gold and enamels.
Compare this piece with other works preserved in private collections and institutions such as the Salisbury Museum of England dated in the twelfth century, a cross of the Metropolitan Museum of New York of the thirteenth century (inv 17.190.332), another end of the century XII approximately found in the Treasury of the Cathedral of Trier (Germany), Christs of the Museum of Capodimonte (Galleria Farnese) in Italy, a cross of the Cincinnati Art Museum (USA), with enamelled crucifix of the Diocesan Museum of the Seu de Urgell (Spain), with that of the Altarpiece Museum in Burgos (Spain), etc. The similarities in the pieces are explained by the abundant production, which followed a series of models and which has also allowed a relatively abundant number of copies to be conserved.
They are known as Limoges enamels to a series of metal pieces (copper, silver, gold) of religious theme decorated with the technique of champlevé enamel using a series of colors (blue, green, white ...), inherited or inspired by the works of the Monastery of Silos (Spain), and with a great height in all Europe in the XII and XIII centuries. The production had already declined for 1370, when the sacking of Limoges by the English took place. However, towards the end of the 15th century it emerged again, but with the technique of "painted enamel" and clearly Renaissance models."

· Size: cruz 11x18,5 cristo 11x13 cms

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