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Reference: ZF0459

Devotional Medal Silver, hawksbill, copper paint, textile, glass. XVII century.
Flat octagonal medal that has a small ring on the upper edge that would allow it to be hung around the neck and is decorated to the outside with a piece of silver in its color (small pearls at the ends of those sides of the polygon, a cord turned to the outer edge, and a composition of waves decorated with lines to resemble leaves inside both sides of the piece). On one of its fronts, protected by a piece of transparent and prominent glass on a green textile background, you can see a small copper painting of a Virgin with Child with a dark background and two curves that resemble draperies. The other front has a hawksbill piece, engraved with a rhombus in which the letters “RMA” (Redemptoris Mater, referring to the Virgin Mary) are interspersed and crowned between two starry forms and on two palms joined by the sizes ; Outside the geometric form there are simple symmetrical plant elements.
Similar works can be seen in collections of prominent institutions such as the Museum of the Costume of Madrid, the Museo Lázaro Galdiano, the Valencia Foundation of Don Juan (Madrid), the British Museum in London, etc.
Weight: 55 gr"

· Size: 8,5x9x0.5 cms.

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