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Pitcher. Silver in its color. Madrid, Spain, 1772.
With contrast marks.
Silver jug in its color with an oval base with slight curves and body divided into two areas (wider the lower area than the upper one, drawing a smooth curve in the change) with a series of "segments" smooth drawing curves; the peak has a lid with corrugations; the handle, in the shape of "ce" also has curves in its finials and a decoration in relief in the upper area (avenerados motifs, volutes ...); the lid, with a flange joining it to the jug, presents the same curves as the body and a vegetal top on the flat top.
The contrast marks are found at the base of the piece: the punches of Villa and Corte de Madrid (on figure 72, situating the creation of the work in 1772) appear accompanied by a frustro punch (possibly Juan Navel). With Philip V many French influences arrived at the silver, along with some Italian influences, both from the hand of artisans of these origins and from pieces. It continues with a scarce marking in the works except in the important centers, like Madrid, and the civil typologies acquired great importance. As in the rest of the country, Baroque, Rococo and Neoclassical trends coexisted in the Court, although, being the center that set the tone for the rest, the first one soon departs, introduces the Rococo before 1740 or on that date, and the Neoclassicism towards 1770 (imposing gradually since 1780). It is possible to talk about a certain relationship with Neoclassical models, since it follows the most common prototype in Spanish silverware since the arrival of the Bourbons, characterized by its European influence and by the great difference it shows with the type known as "pico de pico" .
Compare this game with the Francisco García vinajera (inventory 03487) of the Cerralbo Museum in Madrid or with the copy of Medina-Sidonia (code 59906, Catalog of the Andalusian Furniture Heritage), or with copies of the National Museum of Decorative Arts, preserved pieces in Museums and Treasures of Spanish Dioceses, etc. Weight: 705 gr."

· Size: 17x9x22 cms.

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