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Reference: ZF0496A

Table clock. Bronze. XIX century.
Table clock made of gilt bronze featuring a white dial with Roman numerals for the hours and Arabic numerals every five for the minutes, Louis XV hands and a golden frame around. On a base that combines pebbles and openwork scrolls, a series of curved shapes that follow the same composition are placed, contrasting undulations within a triangular shape, and in these three half-naked children's figures are placed carrying objects (the two below hold a garland of flowers; the one above looks through a telescope or telescope).
Stylistically, it shows a clear influence of French Rococo from the 18th century, slightly modified with some changes to adapt the style to the tastes of the 19th century (presence of symmetry, clean lines, etc.). The Louis XV style was an eighteenth-century French artistic period that is considered the beginning of Rococo and showed no influence of Neoclassicism until approximately the last third of the eighteenth century. During the 19th century, Rococo's influence often appeared both in French cabinetmaking and in other decorative arts."

· Size: 56x21x53 cms.

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