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Reference: ZF0593

Oil on canvas. Possibly, torture of Cuauhtémoc. Colonial school, 17th century.
Oil on canvas showing a scene located in what could be the facade of a palace, given the staircase and the pedestal that can be seen. In the center, a large number of people (mostly soldiers for the weapons they carry), are placed around a male character (sitting and maniatado, naked, with the skin being torn off by two men with Phrygian cap) and another With crown and scepter of command. In the first place, some natural forms and some plants create some space with respect to the spectator.
The headdresses and clothing of some characters remind of traditional clothing of pre-Hispanic Hispanic America. The subject of the torture of Cuauhtémoc (1496-1525). Known by the Spaniards as Guatemuz, he was the last Mexican leader of Mexico-Tenochtitlan when he took office one year before Hernán Cortés conquered the city. In the end, Cortes approved the torment and death of the last Aztec “tlatoani”: with the torment it was intended to confess where the gold was that the Spaniards said they had hidden, and ended, according to some sources, with the feet and hands burned with oil and fire; He died some time later.

· Size: 77x5x61 cms.

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