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Reference: ZF0599

Jug. Silver. Madrid, 1790.
With contrast marks.
Jug of silver in its color that presents an oval base with a stepped base of smooth moldings; smooth teardrop shaped body, with somewhat pronounced bill enhanced with engraved lines; lid joined with hinges and decorated with line and plant element to raise this part; the handle, in the shape of a “ce” with a scroll in the lower area or uneven “ese”, has a series of lines and an element in the upper part with a rococo memory.
The contrasting marks are found one on the lid and three on the bottom. Those of Villa and Corte de Madrid place the realization of the piece in the capital and in the year 1790 or 1791. A mancerina is known in a private collection with this same variation in the years of the date (cut with 91 and villa with the 90).
Stylistically, the jug shows a clear neoclassical influence along with the aforementioned detail that is found in Madrid pieces closer to the Rococo. In eighteenth-century Spain, it was the capital that set the tone in silverware: Baroque, Rococo and Neoclassical styles coexist, but the first trend was soon abandoned, replaced by the second that was introduced around 1740, with Neoclassicism appearing approximately in 1770 and gradually imposing itself since 1780. Weight: 930 grams."

· Size: 17x10x23 cms

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