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Jug. Silver. Contrast Mateo Martínez Moreno. Córdoba, late 18th century.
With contrast and derisive marks.
Silver jug in its color with oval base formed by several different moldings and convex body in its lower and concave upper area, with a series of lines extended from the base and that continue in the lid, topped in a flower. The pronounced beak has a smooth finish. The handle, in the form of "ce" with lower end, has scrolls and simplified plant shapes. Typologically, the jar follows common shapes and decoration in Spanish neoclassical silverware.
The contrast marks of the body place the piece in the Cordoba school (frunch punch) and link it with the Mateo Martínez Moreno counter; that of the base is frustrated, being able to belong to Juan de Aguilar, Manuel de Aguilar y Guerrero, etc .; Note that there is another frustra on the lid. A Cordovan silver tray features the contrast punch of Mateo Martínez Moreno (97 / MARTINEZ) that appears here, the rampant lion and, somewhat frustrating, what could be the mark of the silversmith Antonio Ruiz de León el Joven (parish of Our Lady of the Granada of Fuente de Cantos de Badajoz); that same punch appears in one of the pieces of the necklace with medals CE010678 that is in the Museum of the Suit of Madrid. Weight: 930 grams."

· Size: 20x10x25 cms.

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