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Portapaz. Silver in its color. Manuel Aguilar and Diego de la Vega, Córdoba, 1816.
With contrast marks.
Portapaz made of silver in its color with an architectural distribution of a pedestal with garlands and a shield with a Latin cross in the center, a central body with two pilasters with Ionic capital and scrolls on the sides of a relief, and a top finish with architectural elements, scrolls and vegetal motifs, all of strong classicist influence. The relief mentioned is an Immaculate Conception, located on a crescent moon; in this area are the contrast marks.
The altarpiece composition of the piece was common in the 19th century examples, and the lack of Rococo influence it presents must be highlighted. Compare, for example, with the pair of portapaces from the Parroquia de San Lorenzo (Córdoba, Spain) dated between 1816 and 1826 with a punch from Manuel Aguilar Guerrero and “… / VEGA” (instead of the Virgin, one presents a Sal Lorenzo ). Likewise, other works are conserved: adapter for silver basin in its color with punches by Manuel de Aguilar and faithful contrast Diego de Vega y Torres that is conserved in the National Museum of Decorative Arts (Madrid); custody of the altar with marks by Diego de Vega y Torres and Manuel Aguilar from the first third of the 19th century (Treasure of the Church of San Bartolomé del Espejo in Córdoba); etc.
The punches that can be seen are local (Córdoba) and of authorship. Manuel de Aguilar Guerrero (act. 1780 (ca) -1920 (ca)) was a silversmith approved as a master silversmith of that city in 1794 and known for a Neoclassical style that no longer had Cordovan Rococo influences and that he maintained until his retirement towards end of the second decade of the XIX century. Diego de la Vega y Torres was named a faithful municipal contrast in 1804. Weight: 345 grams."

· Size: 14,5x19,5 cms

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