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Abduction of the Sabine Women. Bronze. 19th century, following the model of Giambologna (John of Bologna; Douai, 1529-Florence 1608). Patinated bronze sculpture made with the lost wax casting technique that has a small polygonal base, also dark. The three human figures that compose it are placed on a small rock surface, thus highlighting the complicated play of diagonals and spirals created by the postures of the two men and the woman, located at the top of the composition. Considered the masterpiece of John of Bologna, the Abduction of the Sabine Women is a sculpture made between 1581 and around 1582 that measures 410 cm high, is carved from a single piece of marble and is located in the Loggia della Signoria (Florence , Italy). It shows a young man lifting a woman over his head, who struggles to get away from him, and, meanwhile, an elderly man appears between the boy's legs. It is because of this popularity, apart from its quality, that casts of the work and works inspired by it in bronze were made already at the time when the author was still alive, and, of course, from the Grand Tour and with destiny, everything, to England and Germany, in different sizes (almost always much smaller than the original). A bronze reduction of the work is attributed to the hand of Pietro Tacca, preserved at the Honolulu Academy of Arts; another, dated to the 18th century, is kept in the Metropolitan Museum in New York.

· Size: 37x38x114 cms.

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