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Reference: ZF0832

Music box pendant. Gold. Switzerland, around 1820. Pendant made of gold alloys with different metals to give it different tones that presents a piece at the top (which winds the mechanism of the music box), an arc ending in two ram's heads located facing each other with respect to an acorn and on an oval base (which contains the mechanism), decorated on the outside with a band of plant elements. Known as chain seals due to their shape, many are not really seals, but rather pieces designed to look like one and hide a series of curious mechanisms, whether flat figures, automata or music boxes. These types of pieces have been seen accompanying pocket watches and also on chains, worn around the neck or attached to the waist. Highly appreciated by private collectors, these types of pieces can also be found in decorative arts museums around the world (Victoria and Albert Museum, etc.) Weight: 21 grams.

· Size: 3x2.5x4.5 cms.

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