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Daffodil in the fountain. Oil on table. XIX century. Oil on panel showing a landscape with trees and architectural elements with a strong classicist influence (wall with reliefs, vase with garlands, sculptures, fountain) in which two figures appear. A young man dressed in a red tunic that reveals his chest and appears looking at his reflection in the bowl of the fountain is accompanied by a winged boy who has a bow and with his right hand makes the gesture of taking an arrow from the quiver of your back. The painting shows the classical myth of Narcissus. According to classical mythology, Narcissus was a very beautiful young man who cruelly rejected the love of the nymph Eco, for which he was condemned by Nemesis to fall in love with his own image. Thus, seeing himself reflected in a fountain or spring (many representations show him crouching on the shores of a lake; note the particularity of this work in showing an architectural and not a "natural" fountain), he remained absorbed and ended up committing suicide, ending up turned into the flower that bears his name or emerging from the place where the body fell.

· Size: 99x5,5x71 cms / int: 81,5x59,5 cms

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