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Cup with tray. Silver. Royal Silver Factory of Antonio Martínez. Madrid, Spain, 1830s. Model cataloged in "Catalogue of National Heritage silverware", page 254, With contrast markings. Circular plate or tray with fluted molding towards the edge and smooth skirt and bottom; In the center of the background there is a support decorated with a fluted band and a smooth base into which the cup is fitted using a special piece. The cup or vase has a circular foot with a plinth and a body with a concave grooved surface; oval-shaped, gallon-shaped belly and two handles in the shape of female masks finished in venerated shapes; The neck is concave and has a smooth surface. The lid has a fluted edge matching the tray and a smooth area, ending in the center with a convex veined finish with a butterfly on a flower at the top. The contrast marks present place the manufacture of the Set in Madrid (with the date partially visible), in the Royal Silver Factory of Antonio Martínez. The Royal Silver Factory of Martínez was founded in 1778, and marked the introduction in Spain of the industrial manufacturing method in the field of silver work and of neoclassical aesthetics in Spanish silversmithing. Likewise, it was one of the most important silversmithing centers in the history of Spain, and was characterized by the originality of its designs and the perfect finish of its pieces. As for the present model, two sets like this are preserved in the National Heritage Collections, dated 1834 and published in the catalog of those collections. Weight: 2350 grams.

· Size: 27x27x34 cms

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