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Virgin with Child. Oil on canvas. 19th century, following models by SANZIO, Rafael (Urbino, 1433-Rome, 1520). Framed painting showing the Virgin Mary with the Child in her arms, both holding a book, and located on a natural landscape with buildings to the right. The frame leaves a tondo visible, showing the figurative composition, and, upon removing it, you can see in the corners a series of figurative and vegetal elements (grotesques) of clear Renaissance influence, also present in the rest of the work. This Madonna is clearly inspired by another, known as Madonna Conestabile, found in the Hermitage of Saint Petersburg, a work by Rafael Sanzio, dated around 1504 and which was acquired in Perugia by the Count Conestabile della Staffa and later acquired by the Tsar Alexander II and given to his wife, Maria Alexandrovna. The frame in which it is preserved in the museum is the original of the piece, which measures 17.5 centimeters high and 18 centimeters wide. Taking into account the quality of this piece, it is necessary to highlight the subtle differences it presents with respect to the work that inspired it (size, book cover, details in the brush strokes, etc.). Throughout the 19th century it was very common for important houses, artists, etc. They commissioned painters to create works inspired by their favorite pieces (whether they were in museums or in the residences of noble or aristocratic families), in the same way that they commissioned castings of important sculptures.

· Size: 33x5,5x34 cms / int: 20x20 cms.

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