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Dutch style curly frame. Ebonized wood. XVII century. Rectangular frame made of carved wood and decorated with a series of bands parallel to each other, of different widths and alternating smooth ones with others of different sizes (waves) reminiscent of basketry. Both for its color and for the aforementioned decoration, the piece follows Dutch models, very popular during the Baroque of the 17th century practically throughout Europe, and was made in other frame schools following these prototypes. Compare, for example, the frame of the “Portrait of a Gentleman” by Hans Memling from the ThyssenBornemisza collection (Flemish piece, made of ebonized wood); or, in the same collection, with that of the work “Winter scene with skaters and sleighs in front of a city” by Ruysdael; or with that of the “Tulip Vase” by Philippe de Marlier and Frans Francken from the Bilbao Fine Arts Museum.

· Size: 67x5x74,5 / int: 45,5x54 cms.

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